A lot of people think that acne and other skin problems are just for the young. While skin problems may be more widespread and more enduring when you are in your teenage years, they can actually continue to plague your throughout life. If you are someone who has been blessed with clear skin in adolescence or in your adult years, you may not need any help from ClearPores. As for the rest of you, this is a very good product for clogged pores.

Skin and Acne Problems

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Like many people, you may not have taken its health and appearance seriously enough before. It is not just a covering for your body. It performs many important functions. In addition, doctors and nurses observe skin when they first encounter patients to look for tell-tale signs of health or illness.

One of the ways that your skin takes care of itself is by moistening the surface with oil. The oil is generated deep beneath the surface and brought up by channels called pores. You must have clear pores in order for this system to function well. Sometimes, for various reasons, these pores become clogged. Acne is one result of this.

The Purpose of ClearPores

ClearPores claims to be able to do much more than simply reduce your acne to a manageable level. That is the basic claim of many products aimed at teenagers and their skin. ClearPores is not just for kids. It is meant to get rid of every kind of skin blemish, including white heads, black heads and even vague patches of redness.

In fact, the makers of ClearPores claim that this product will even make acne scars disappear. This is welcome news for many people young and old who have suffered terribly with acne. ClearPores proposes to give you back the skin that you were always meant to have.

The Product

ClearPores is not just a lotion that you rub on and forget about. The reason that the makers can claim such incredible effects is that this product comes with a very specific and concrete strategy. A total of three products actually come with your purchase. You must use them in a 3-step plan and be very strict about your applications. The entire regimen should be repeated twice per day.

The first two products are a deep facial wash and a facial protection cream, used in conjunction. An herbal supplement is also included. In order to generate the results that you desire, you need to use the product daily and take the herbal supplement. This is how to get rid of acne scars as well as recurring acne.

ClearPores Facial System Reviews

This should not come as a surprise with a line of products that requires such commitment. The procedure for using these products is very strict and definite. In order to get good results, you would definitely have to follow through on these three steps. Nevertheless, some reviewers complain that they were faithful to the regimen and still did not get the desired results.

The reviews all show that the product does take a while to have an effect. Not only must you commit to the daily regimen of applying the lotions and wash in order and take the herbal supplement, you must also be prepared to stick to this regimen for a few months in order to get the full results.
Many of those who stuck with the program report a reduction in oiliness and redness during the first month. They also claim that, while acne continues to appear, it goes away more quickly. Overall, ClearPores simply helps your face feel and look fresher during this period. It is helping your body to do its job and heal itself. The product can unclog pores so that the skin can function properly.

The second month continues these benefits and adds to them. Smooth is one word that a reviewer uses to describe her skin. Even people who had runaway acne before using ClearPores state that pimples and acne were reduced even further, down to just one or two per week. Even these signs of acne will go away quickly. This is natural because the skin is now equipped to handle these issues and channel away the excess oil.

The third month is key. ClearPores acne treatment is sold in three-month supplies because it takes that long for the various elements of the product to get pores clean and for your skin to react to this cleansing by resuming its normal functions unimpeded. Some people say in their reviews that they had no acne by the time that they were in the third month. Others, equally happy with the results, reported only occasional pimples that did not last very long.

Watch Out

Not everyone is so positive about the product. One reviewer reported that ClearPores did, in fact, make his skin smoother but it also appeared to increase the size of the acne he already had. Others complain about the price. It is not just that each quantity of the product is more expensive than another. The problem is that many do not like having to buy a three-month supply in order to get good results.

Buying It

As with everything else on the Internet, you can find ClearPores available for different prices. Some people have paid over $100 for this skin product. If you look hard, you might find the three-month supply for less than that. You need to make sure that you get all three products in your purchase.


Given the large number of positive reviews, ClearPores system seems like a good choice for clear skin. If you need to know how to get clear skin and how to get rid of acne scars fast, you will not find anything faster than ClearPores. If you can commit to the product, it looks like it can give you results.


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Beauty Tips for Women to Look Good

by Ana Lydia on March 15, 2014



“I want to look good “it’s the line every woman swears by. They will leave no stone unturned to get to the point where they are satisfied about how they look. Well! That’s just how they are wired. To be honest it’s not a Herculean task, in fact it’s very achievable. Here’s how –

Let’s start with the fact that beauty is mostly inside out. If you are healthy on the inside, nothing can take that glow away from your face and skin. It takes some amount of dedication (every good work does!!!) and when it’s making you look good, why not?


The Health Tips Every Expert Recommends:


  1. Start your day with a cup of lemon squeezed in hot water.
  2. Exercise and enjoy it. Devote at least half an hour of your day to some physical activity you enjoy; it can be a walk in the park, meditation in the early hours or dance to your favorite tunes.
  3. Eat lots of nuts, fruits, vegetables and fish. Don’t live on these but use them as add on to your daily meals.
  4. Less of smoking and drinking as it dehydrates your skin. Instead make a glass of red wine everyday a habit. French women live by it and we all know how timeless they look.
  5. Hydrate your body all the time. Follow the two liter water a day rule, be it juice or just plain water, drink up lady!


Now, Here Is How To Accentuate Your Inner Glow:


  1. Use a good cleanser – pick one based on your skin type and also a mild one. Stray away from that piece of soap. It does more harm than you know.
  2. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. It’s important you pick a moisturizer that stays all day, is not heavy and still helps your skin get the right amount of moisture.
  3. Do not forget the sunscreen. Pick one with broad spectrum, no matter the weather, slap it on! You will thank yourself in your later years for all the wrinkles you prevented.
  4. Scrub your face and body both twice a week. It’s the dead cell build up on skin that prevents moisturizer from working or that glow from reflecting and scrubs help you get rid of it.
  5. Do not wash your hair every day, every alternative day is better. If you feel the oil build up in between use a dry shampoo. You can also apply baby powder or a matte bronzer instead and see the difference.
  6. Tweeze them leech fat eyebrows and shave off all the unwanted hair! You can opt for your hair conditioner as a shaving cream.


Here Is The Last Bit, How To Walk Out Looking Like A Diva Every Time:




  1. Apply concealer to hide all the blemishes. Choose a yellowish one for the under eyes and another one that’s similar to your foundation for the rest of the face.
  2. Eye Makeup – To brighten up your eyes, dust on some champagne white eye shadow in the inner corners, and line your eyes with a brown liner to get the focus on your eyes. Here is a secret tip when applying mascara, use an eye lash curler first.
  3. For the cheeks – Draw a three with a bronze from your temple to your jaw bone. Now brush on some pink blush two fingers away from the nose on your cheeks.
  4. Lips – Use a balm all the time. Chapped lips are not at all attractive. Opt for a lip stain, it gives a cushion look. Can’t find a stain? Blot off the first application of lipstick and put one second coat. Finally line the lips to define the edges.


You are good to go! Also keep smiling; remember what they say “happy girls are the prettiest”

Written By:

Jenny Corteza is a blogger and product evangelist with a reputed firm. With her skills and experience she has had an eye to understand the slightest of differences between first replica cartier watches and the real ones.


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